About Me

Dr. Timothy Martinez is a licensed dentist from San Diego, California. He has served in numerous vital roles during an illustrious career spanning over three and a half decades. That includes working in academia, opening two dental offices, and dedicating time to various state

government initiatives.

As a dentist, Dr. Martinez is licensed in the states of California and Massachusetts. Specializing in general dentistry, he is a part of several member organizations. These organizations include the American and Hispanic Dental Associations, Medicaid-CHIP State Dental Association, National Network for Oral Health Access, California and National Associations of Dental Plans.

Current role and duties

Dr. Martinez is currently the Dental Director for a Managed Care Dental Plan in the State of California. He has oversight for one of the three Medicaid Managed Care Dental Plans in the Los Angeles and Sacramento Counties.

In his capacity as a licensed dentist, Dr. Martinez is committed to working closely with health care providers and Medicaid enrollees. He does so to facilitate better patient care integration across dental and broader medical health plans. He aims to ensure optimal health outcomes for medically indigent and underserved populations locally and further afield.

Four years ago, he was reappointed to the Dental Hygiene Committee of California. His Dental Hygiene Committee duties include issuing, reviewing, and enforcing dental hygiene licenses. Thats in addition to developing examinations and overseeing the approval of various other educational programs.

Career history

Dr. Martinez has worked in public health and community dental settings for much of his career. A large portion of the dentists work has centered around Medicaid. In local communities in California and Massachusetts, the highly regarded dentist has focused on helping individuals and families with limited income and resources.

Medicaid dental programs

From 1986 to 2003, Dr. Martinez worked as a clinician and dental director for various dental programs for over a decade and a half. These programs predominantly served Medicaid enrollees. During this time, he worked with a migrant farm population at the Laredo Webb County Health Department in Texas. He also worked at the first Federally Qualified Health Center in the U.S., Geiger-Gibson Community Health Center in Dorchester, MA, and oversaw the Boston HealthCare for the Homeless Dental Program.

Faculty appointments

Dr. Timothy Martinez has previously held faculty appointments at numerous prestigious institutions, including Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry. Altogether, the dentists past faculty appointments extend to roles at the following schools:

1. Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry

2. Harvard School of Dental Medicine

3. Tufts University of Dental Medicine

4. University of New England College of Dental Medicine

5. Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine

Dr. Martinez spent almost a decade working in academia, from 2009 until 2017. During this time, he served as the Associate Dean for Community Partnerships and Access to Care, where he facilitated the accreditation of two brand-new dental schools.

These are Pomona, Californias Western University of Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine, and the University of New England College of Dental Medicine in Portland, Maine.

Private dental offices

Dr. Martinez has owned and operated two private dental offices, each located on the Massachusetts peninsula of Cape Cod. Both offices sought to serve Medicaid and commercial dental plan patients alike from 2000 until 2009.

Educational background

Dr. Martinez is a graduate of the illustrious Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he has also since served as a faculty member. He graduated from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in 1986 with a fifth-year concentration in Health Care Administration.

Philanthropy and charitable involvement

Dr. Martinez is proud to support a number of all-important charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes. Among these good causes is Remote Area Medical. Operating across Los Angeles, Remote Area Medical provides free dental care for the medically underserved.

He has also volunteered his time, knowledge, and funds to numerous community-focused, dentistry-related philanthropic endeavors and initiatives. Just two such examples are a much-needed free dental clinic at Pomona Fairplex and a free dental care service by Coachella Valley Volunteers.

Accomplishments and achievements

While at the helm of two dental offices on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Dr. Martinez also servedthe local government. He did so as an expert advisor to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Office of Public Protection, and Board of Registration in Dentistry.

The popular dentist was also involved in other aspects of Massachusetts state government.

From 2006 until 2009, he filled the role of Dental Medicaid Director for the Commonwealth of

Massachusetts. Here, he worked closely alongside the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, based in Boston.

As Dental Medicaid Director for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dr. Martinez sought to

revise the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Medicaid dental regulations.

He also provided crucial program oversight to ensure Medicaid compliance from contracted dentists.

Personal interests and hobbies

Outside of his work in the dental field, Dr. Martinez is passionate about numerous hobbies and interests. These include staying active and spending time in the great outdoors. He is also a lover of film and music. Elsewhere, he revels in time spent with his friends, family, and loved Ones.

As both a licensed dentist and community-minded philanthropist, he is currently working on several upcoming outreach initiatives in his free time. These outreach initiatives are scheduled to take place next year, starting in Sacramento County.


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